BodyLove offers a safe and supportive space for women to explore the power of our Bodies through Creative and Sensual Movement.

This Workshop will teach the fundamentals of Floorwork, an element of Pole Dance, and use these techniques to tap into our organic, intuitive flow, creating greater awareness, strength and authentic expression in our bodies and minds.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on our journeys, create within a loving and supportive community, and share through movement. Our intention is to cultivate deeper connection, self-love, and healing through Dance.

BodyLove is currently offered as a single 2-hour workshop, 6-Week Series, and Private Session.

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BodyLove Chakra Series (8-Weeks)

The BodyLove 6-week series is themed around the 7 Chakras.

Chakras are energetic centers of our body, each one correlating to different aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual vitality and personal power.

Using Sensual and Pole Dance-inspired Floorwork as our medium, the movement techniques and exercises we learn are designed to tune into these unique aspects of ourselves as a creative and healing modality.

BodyLove Pole Dance Editioncoming soon

*All classes are beginner-friendly and can be modified to suit participants level of dance and fitness experience.

What People Say

Thank you sooo much for bringing more awareness to my sexual body and my ability for self care. I really enjoyed my time in your workshop and am feeling super inspired!

Rachael Tanis.
Massachusetts, USA

It was a really nice experience to explore my own body and move without boundaries.

After each session, my mood was better.

Melania Duru.
Berlin, Germany

Nevline created a space that made me feel comfortable from minute one to express myself and to further explore my body and mind through sensual movements.

Jacqueline Mayen.
Berlin, Germany

Let’s build something together.