Sapphic Women of Color Space

Where: Online (Global)

When: Saturday, April 1st, 12pmEST

Conversation Theme for April, 2023: Community

Sapphic Space is a black-woman led online community and discussion space that is designed for women of color who love women to find nourishment in community amongst one another. 

This is an intentionally curated space that is different from many other spaces which claim to serve our communities. We understand that there are increasingly, a great many neo-definitions of the terms “woman, lesbian, sapphic, BIPOC”, as well as a rapidly increasing number of people who wish to affiliate themselves with oppressed groups that they are not part of due to woke identity politics.

Prior to joining, we ask all who wish to partake in our discussion group to take the time to read the Ethos, which includes clear and concise information about this group, how it is defined, and who it is for. 


Sapphic Space is a female-only space. We correlate womanhood to the female biological sex as per its original definition, which naturally includes women of various expressions along the masculine and feminine polarity. 

We assert that women should have the right to our own safe spaces, and we actively question the increasingly popularized gender and racial identity politics within the modern-day “queer” and “LGBT” community. This is unequivocally, a safe space for women who are critical of gender ideology, either openly or privately. 

We are a non-partisan group that welcomes diverse perspectives through our shared knowledge and understanding on this matter. 

This space is for women who experience oppression and/or marginalization via a combination of race, sex, and sexual orientation. Entry is not exclusively based on identification with oppressed groups.

This space is exclusively open to women of color. “Women of Color” is defined as women who are Black, Latina, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, and/or Asian. Women of Color refers to women who are racialized in general society, and who are phenotypically (visibly) non-white women, including those of mixed heritage. 

We therefore ask that white-passing women who do not experience racialization and/or who are merely distant descendants of black and brown people, do not attend. 

Sapphic is defined as women who love women, and is inclusive to lesbian and bisexual women. 

Please be mindful that this is a space centered around diverse women’s lived experiences, and is united through a prominent romantic/sexual attraction to women. This space is for women who love women. 

We therefore also ask that bi women who are indifferent to being with women, who are only marginally attracted to women, who romantically prefer men, and/or who genuinely & essentially live a heterosexual lifestyle, please respect this space and do not attend this meeting. 

And of course, this should be obvious but just for the record, men are not allowed. 😹


Please fill out the registration form here. For safety purposes, all participants will be screened via video prior to receiving the Video Discussion link. Once you’ve completed these steps, you will receive a link to the discussion group via email.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank yew!