Do I need Dance or Fitness Experience to take a Movement Workshop?

No experience is necessary! Many of our Workshops are beginner-friendly, and are designed with the intention of making Dance and Movement accessible to people with little to no experience. Adjustments can be offered to meet you where you are. Strength, Flexibility and Coordination will be built with practice!

With that said, a strong foundation of beginner-level Pole may be recommended for our Pole Dance Workshops, or Floorwork-based Workshops held in Pole Studios. The level of recommended experience is always noted in our class description.

Please free to reach out if you have any questions!

What should I wear to a Movement Workshop?

In general, wear attire that you feel comfortable moving and stretching in, and that makes you feel good inside!

For floorwork-based classes, we will be sliding and crawling around on a smooth wooden floor, so it is highly recommended to wear activewear that covers your skin and joints. Leggings, Leg-warmers, Socks, and Sleeved-shirts are all suitable for this style of Movement.

If you want to be extra comfortable during Floorwork, consider purchasing a pair of dancer kneepads. They can really shift the quality of your movement experience!

Pole classes alternatively request that you wear significantly less clothing. Leggings are recommended for the warmup, but afterwards, Yoga or Pole Shorts and a Sports Bra will be best suited for your skin to grip the Pole. Also, please refrain from applying body lotion for 12 hours prior to class.

How can I register for a Workshop or Private Lesson?

For Workshops, please check out our Scheduled Events Page. All Workshops will all have individual links and information on how to register.

To receive information on future Workshops and Events, please reach out and indicate that you would like to be added to our email list.

For Private Lessons in-person or via Skype, please send a message via our contact form, and include as much detail as possible regarding what you are looking for in your session. It’s an honor and pleasure to partake in your journey! ❤

Are classes labelled “for women” also open to transwomen?

Our women’s workshops are specifically designed to speak to the experience of women who are biologically female. Such workshops offer mindfulness techniques which engage the female anatomy, as well as the lived experience of navigating sexuality and society as a woman.

These modalities were created, practiced, and utilized for transformation by a woman inhabiting a female body, and is called to serve women who share this lived experience.

We strive to offer clarity about who each of our workshops is intended for, -so that we can create a safe and honest space for all participants.

Please follow us to stay tuned for more in-depth perspectives on Gender and Inclusivity at Haus of Isis.

Are your Workshops Body Positive?

The Body Positive Movement has received much attention for its focus on larger-bodied women and Fat-Acceptance, but its origins are founded in a broader reclamation for women of all body-types. In this sense–yes, we may be described as body-positive!

Haus of Isis embraces people of all shapes, sizes and colours, and honor the unique experiences, needs, and backgrounds of each individual who walks through our doors. Every human being deserves to feel beautiful, worthy, and to hold themselves in high-esteem.

For those who inquire regarding our Workshops specific inclusivity of plus-sized women, all are welcome. While working with plus-sized women is not our expertise, we will do our best to meet you where you are in your journey. Regardless of one’s size, shape, or skill-level…listening to your own body’s wisdom and communicating your unique needs with the Instructor is helpful and necessary for a fruitful class experience.

The intention of our Workshops is ultimately to attune ourselves with the body and rekindle a wholesome relationship with our true selves through Movement.