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My Journey With Digital Wellness: Healing a Toxic Relationship with Technology

I’ve been healing my relationship with technology for years. However, in recent months, I’ve become increasingly aware of just how much my co-dependency on technology has disrupted my daily meditation, self-care and movement practices. How much my habits were leaking valuable energy and vitality, holding me back from reaching my greatest potential. I would wake […]

Your Breath is Revolutionary: Black Female Pleasure as Medicine

In the midst of this heavy-hearted climate, I am feeling called to share a bit of my present-day healing journey and the importance of Pleasure as Medicine. Years ago, I stepped away from activist circles and activity, because I realized through some painful intimate experiences, that I was hurting very deeply from the trauma I […]

Filling my Cup to Overflow for You : Re-centering in Sensual Self-Care

It’s my pleasure to finally reconnect with you all. I’m grateful you are still here, and to have witnessed growth on this platform in the past two months. Some of you may have noticed my inactivity on Haus of Isis ever since my last BodyLove Werq-Shoppe on February 13. I’d like to open up about […]

BodyLove : A Transformative Evening of Self-Care and Affirmation

I am so grateful to each and every beautiful soul who offered their presence at our most recent BodyLove Werq-Shoppe. The reception was so warm that we completely sold out of our tickets! This 2nd edition of BodyLove was a full, yet intimate session with 10 amazing women. We spent the evening connecting with our […]

Self-Worth as Currency : How I Manifested Abundance by Pouring into Myself.

Isn’t this space so cute and beautiful? I get to stay here for 6 weeks, all expenses paid. This place didn’t just fall into my lap. I had to stand up and declare what I deserved in the face of opposition and prejudice, and make myself seen to people who were not seeing me. I’m […]

Fiercely Beautiful Lessons : My First Experience Teaching BodyLove

It has been just two days since our final class in the 4-week BodyLove Werq-Shoppe series. I’m feeling super grateful and deeply relieved. I wanted to take some time to write about my experience teaching this Workshop, because it was quite a monumental event in my own journey, and there is a lot I’ve learned […]

Birthing Haus of Isis :: My Path to Conscious Sexuality

I found my path to conscious sexuality, embodiment practices, and sensual wellness through Pole Dance. My journey of becoming a Pole Dancer opened me up to my body in a great many ways. In particular, the elements of sensuality and femininity expressed through Exotic Pole, introduced me to a new perspective of myself as a […]