Haus of Isis is a Lifestyle brand devoted to Women’s Holistic & Sexual Empowerment, nestled at the intersection of Arts and Wellness. We offer Workshops, Creative Events, and Online content devoted to inspiring women to live more authentic and vitality-filled lives. 

Our Movement Workshops integrate Sensual Dance, Meditation, and Tantric Healing Arts-creating a unique experience for participants to feel more attuned with their bodies, and providing a fun, loving and welcoming atmosphere for women to expand and integrate valuable tools into their self-care practice. 

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The Founder

Nevline (((N3VLYNNN))) Nnaji is a Pole Dance Artist, Holistic Wellness practitioner and Renaissance woman. 

Just months following the 2013 release of her award-winning film, Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights, Nevline found herself fascinated by the Art of Pole Dancing, and ardently pursued her hearts desire. It is through her 7+ year journey in Dance, that she found her way to Conscious Sexuality and Holistic Wellness. 

The heightened need to learn the intricacies of how to care for her body under the high physical demands of Pole Dance, coupled with her newfound exploration of her sexuality and feminine expression–gave rise to a new Paradigm within herself, ultimately opening the door to respond to questions she had been asking for years relating to her own bodily autonomy, pleasure, and maps to deeper intimacy and connection. 

Nevline has since become a certified ElevatED Pole Fitness Instructor, and developed a series of Pole Dance-inspired Movement and Healing Arts Workshops.

Haus of Isis was created as a platform and vehicle to share the fruits of her journey through workshops, creative gifts, and devoted life’s work towards healing and personal growth. 

“Conscious sexuality is one of the many ways in which I practice mindfulness and care for my body…to honor the home I’ve been gifted with. It is my spiritual practice.” 


Read more about Nevline’s journey with Conscious Sexuality here

Learn more about Nevline via her Artist platform, N3VLYNNN

History of H.O.I.

Summer, 2014 

Within one year after beginning her pole dance journey, Nevline Nnaji re-birthed her identity as Isis Kane–her then Webcam Model persona, which eventually became her Pole Artist name and alias. 

Nevline experienced profound shifts in her perspective on sexuality during the Isis Kane Era, which ultimately led her to find deeper healing and connection within her own body. Haus of Isis was initially created in 2015, as a vehicle to share her first Workshop, “Sacred Erotic Movement” and her Pole Dance Artistry. 

Later that year, Nevline shed her Isis Kane identity, and chose to uphold Haus of Isis as the concept name for her future brand, in honor of the woman she became in order to be who she is today. In 2019, Haus of Isis was re-birthed in a revitalized and strengthened form of its original incarnation.

Let’s build something together.