BodyLove : A Transformative Evening of Self-Care and Affirmation

I am so grateful to each and every beautiful soul who offered their presence at our most recent BodyLove Werq-Shoppe. The reception was so warm that we completely sold out of our tickets!

This 2nd edition of BodyLove was a full, yet intimate session with 10 amazing women. We spent the evening connecting with our bodies, learning and being challenged with new movements, laughing, playing… And of course, we also enjoyed my delicious handmade chocolates–which, by the way–were a huge hit, and evoked lots of Mmmm, Ahhhs, and Wowz resonating around the room!

From the beginning, I co-created the space to be warm, filled with plants, flower essence aromas, and beautiful lighting. Everything, from the music, to the structure of the class, was designed to be a full body experience.

When I sat down to be greeted by all of these beautiful faces, I was so energized by the feeling that I had arrived in a place in my life where I can share the fruits of my Artistry and Self-Care Wellness practices with other women, in a connected space.

That is what the core of what BodyLove is all about–cultivating a powerful and rich connection to yourself, so that you can extend that connection outwards into the world and everyone, imbuing and transforming everything around you. 

On that Thursday evening, that is exactly how I felt. Connected. I have never once had a Valentine. This BodyLove Werq-Shoppe was truly the best Valentines Day Celebration I have ever had in my life. I left feeling the warm resonance of Love all throughout my being, and it carried me forth into my own space of solitude, providing a warm healing salve for the space in my heart where I once felt alone. 

As the facilitator and creator of this Workshop, I want to be honest and share that creating and holding space for this Werq-Shoppe requested a lot of me. I was experiencing some emotional challenges in the weeks prior to the class. 

Although I would never have missed this for the world, I did have to summon a great deal of courage and inner-fortitude to do the work required to bring this to life. 

I have written in the past about my process in healing from The Lonely Wound, and how I am growing into my relationship with solitude. Some of those shadows, and other life challenges came up for me, which made doing my everyday Creative and Business tasks feel like walking through molasses. 

I know that many Artists and Wellness professionals are perceived to be effortless and “¡just having fun!” in their craft…but there is really so, so much that goes into creating and sharing these Workshops…in just being a working Creative and upholding integrity in your vision for what you share, especially when you are committed to high quality. This is all heart-werq, often more-so, for those who are holding space for others in their physical, emotional and spiritual transformations. 

In the end, I am so grateful that I found that light within myself (and for those special beings who reminded me of my light) to give my best and offer myself in service to others, because this Workshop was very healing and life-affirming for me. I bore witness to the birth and evolution of my own creations, and grew confidence in who I am and what I offer in this world. 

One thing that I will say on that note, I had no idea the level of energetic and monetary investment that would go into cultivating both a Sensual Dance Workshop and making Fine Artisanal Chocolates! 

Next time, I will definitely be increasing the class price to affirm the value and worth of my offerings, and to compensate myself for all that I give to create these quality spaces, and make this possible. 

With that said…

I walked away from BodyLove feeling like I was holding a pot of gold in my heart, still feeling the warmth of the long hugs and bright eyes I had taken in on my way out. And the next morning, for my Valentines Day, I treated myself to a luxurious day filled with fresh adaptogenic juices, nut milks, and rest. 

Thank you to SUSI Frauenzentrum for holding space, helping me with the setup and planning process, participating and enjoying. 

Thank you to Arô Collective for randomly stumbling upon BodyLove just as it began, finding it interesting enough to ask if they could chill in the corner and capture such beautiful imagery of our class. 

Thank you to Charlie, who reminded me of my light when I found myself in a dark corner, questioning my ability to hold space for others. For reminding me that no teacher ever has it all together, that I am in the perfect place to share this Workshop, and that I will be rewarded for showing up. Your heart and words were an integral part of the momentum which carried me forward and liberated me so that I could fully show up to reclaim what was mine. 

So much Love and Gratitude for those lovely beings who I have met and connected with thus far through this teaching journey, from workshop participants, to fellow teachers. 

Thank you for bearing witness to this beautiful journey. 

I adore yew. 

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