Birthing Haus of Isis :: My Path to Conscious Sexuality

I found my path to conscious sexuality, embodiment practices, and sensual wellness through Pole Dance. My journey of becoming a Pole Dancer opened me up to my body in a great many ways. In particular, the elements of sensuality and femininity expressed through Exotic Pole, introduced me to a new perspective of myself as a woman. This began my journey into conscious sexuality. 

Slowly but surely, I began to shed old ways of seeing myself and operating through the narrow lens of my socially constructed identities and the traumas I had faced because of them, and I re-taught myself to exist inside the realm of my own possibilities which I create for myself. 

Being in this vessel of a body, having the experiences that I’ve had, and processing those experiences through the lens of my unique consciousness–every trauma and healing in my body has touched, altered, and profoundly transformed me. 

This has led me to an awareness of how deeply integral sexuality is to our wholeness as human beings, and how important it is for us to honor its power and relate to it with mindfulness and care. 

How we relate to our bodies and sexuality is a reflection of how we relate to all other elements of life…

.and vice versa.

I began to see myself as a Spiritual being who is housed inside the body for a divine purpose, and to cultivate my relationship with my body accordingly. What that means–is that I am learning new ways of honoring myself in this body each day. 

Conscious sexuality is one of the many ways in which I practice mindfulness and care for my body…to honor the home I’ve been gifted with. It is my spiritual practice. 

My definition of conscious sexuality can be described cultivating a relationship with your own sexuality with the intention of deepening your connection with your body, mind and spirit, and those with whom you share intimacy. 

Conscious sexuality is one way in which I harness the power I hold as a sexual being for spiritual development, live my best life in my body, and to reclaim my birthright for joy, pleasure and vitality as a woman in a society which encourages all of us to relate to our sexuality in a backwards manner. 

For me, it has included mindful body-exploration with the intention of expanding my sensitivity and capacity for pleasure, harnessing my energy through breath-work, and practicing abstinence to hold sacred space for my healing journey. 

My explorations have run the gamut. I have practiced with ancient healing tools such as yoni eggs, and immersed myself in hip, modern-day embodiment practices such as Orgasmic Meditation. It has been a beautiful heart and eye-opening journey, and I am always still learning and growing. 

I find Dance and Movement to be beautiful modalities to connect with your higher self through your body– to release and experience the greatest part of you, whether for performance or a more personal journey. Every part of Dance, from the rigorous training, to the moments of letting go and living–hold a deeply transformative element for those who are open to its power. It is all about your intention and deliberate focus in your practice which transmutes it into a tool for self-reclamation.

In the years I’ve devoted towards this healing journey, Movement has and will always be integral in my process. 

I have walked a very full and diverse life path, and my journey with sexuality has been very rich and intense. There is much I can say about the experiences which have led me here, and the unique ways I have been called to heal and grow. 

What I share through Haus of Isis–are the fruits and creations based on my own transformative healing journey and personal practice, the wisdom and gifts I innately carry as a being, and the teachings that have been passed down to me over the years from many yogis, dancers, and tantrikas.
My intention is to reach those who will most benefit from what I offer in my Creative sharings.

To offer a space where others can find their way back home within their own bodies, to do this powerful werq and have fun in the process!

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